24 Mar 2013

Marlena Wawrzyniak #gru

Marlena Wawrzyniak - Small introduction

Polish armwrestling scene

Marlena started the adventure with armwrestling in 2007 winning the OPEN class, right hand at " Debuts 2007", the Polish Championships for Amateurs. The 2007 was also very bad time for her, she broke a left arm at Polish Cup.

When she came back to armwrestling in 2008 - right hand only and form 2010 left, she started dominate this sport in Poland, winning every event she took part and it lasts until today. She is a multiple Polish National Champion, the strongest Pole, winner of the Open class at Polish Cup in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012 and left: 2010, 2011, 2012).

International armwrestling scene

Marlena also climb at the international scene, being better and better every year. At EUROARM 2008 in Norway won the bronze medal in 70kg class, right hand, then this same she repeated at EUROARM 2009 in Bułgaria. In 2011 she took part in Nemiroff World Cup in 65kg cat. right hand, placing at the 3rd place. 2012 she started with two bronze medals in 65kg at EUROARM in Poland,  then she won a silver medal in 65kg class, left hand at WORLDS in Brazil. On November she took second place in 65kg class (left hand) at the first day of the Nemiroff World Cup in Warsaw, Poland. The next day she won the competition for right hand and became first Pole who won this prestige Tournament.

UKS Arm Fanatic Sport Grudziądz

Marlena is a founder of armwrestling club, UKS Arm Fanatic Sport Grudziadz, where she also is a trainer. Her student Marta Opalinska is a multiple national champion and medalist of EUROARM and WORLDS. The club is placed in her privete gym in Grudziadz, Poland.

More info about Marlena you will find visiting her website: www.marlenawawrzyniak.pl

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