30 Mar 2013

live broadcast from the SUPERMATCH EVENT in Turkey

Engin Terzi has informed on facebook that will be a live broadcast from the SUPERMATCH EVENT, which will take palce on March 31st, in Kocaeli, Turkey. The event starts with Sarah Backman vs Egle Vaitkute match, then Victoria Illushina vs Carolina Pettersson and in the main fight: John Brzenk vs Krasimir Kostadinov. All supermatches: 5 rounds and for right hand,

Engin Terzi: "The event starts with 2 women supermatch (Sarah Backman vs Egle Vaitkute … Victoria Illushina vs Carolina Pettersson )…

Then final event is Krasi vs John..

If no last minute surprise then we will live broadcast this sunday’s event.. Krasi and John are already here..ladies arrive tomorrow.."

For more informations visit PAL DISCUSSION GROUP WITH JOHN & ENGIN

info: VISNIA