29 Mar 2013

John Brzenk about his upcoming match with Krasi

(photo: NAL) A few days left to SUPERMATCH EVENT organized by Nurcihan Gonul on March 31st, in Kocaeli, Turkey where in the main fight of the event, a legendary John Brzenk will face a Bulgarian multiple world champion, Krasimir Kostadinov in 5 rounds supermatch for the right hand in heavyweight division with the limit weight 100 kg / 220 lbs.

AO asked John how is his current form and where he see his chances for victory in this match?

John Brzenk: "There are A lot of unknown factors with my upcoming match with Krasi. First would be his shape ... Is he continuing to get stronger from our last meeting . 

Secondly is my form... I feel my shoulder is stronger than our last meeting, but as you know I lost one of my main sparing partners in Todd Hutchings and I have been concentrating on light weight shoulder rehab rather than heavy armwrestling. I have pulled a lot in the last three weeks so its hard to say how well ill be healed for Sunday. Normally I like to take two weeks off before a major challenge. With all this said I think I can be competitive with the current 100 kg world champion. And I have a chance to come out on top!  There are a few areas on the table that have yet yo be explored with him so I look forward to the best of 5 match showdown... I just wish I had the endurance of Hutchings... His advice to me was to wear him out  easier said than done I think... But I'm ready to go til I'm numb and then some. 

He is going to feel more side pressure from me !".

info: VISNIA