24 Mar 2013

Jerry Cadorette's comment after match with Michael Todd

photo: TheUAL.com

Jerry Cadorette's comment after his match with Michael Todd which took place at  the UAL III where he was defending his UAL world title in super-heavyweight division for right arm. 

"My match with Michael was exactly what most expected a long drag out war. I could blame it on a multitude of things but the bottom line is Michael came in with more stamina than I did and came out on top. I was in control through most of the match and had him close to pinned but in the end I ran out of gas and lost. I was in a bad car accident the day before and injured my left arm and head however maybe this had some influence over the outcome, or maybe not. Either way I would like a rematch and feel as though I should be given one. Michael was strong and ready he is a great opponent and I want to face him again." - said Cadorette.

info: VISNIA