9 Mar 2013

Italian SUPERMATCH Tournament

Event: Italian SUPERMATCH Tournament

Founded: December 2005 by Claudio Rizza

First event: December 17th, 2005, first event with the supermatch...

Event format: Tournament event organizing a supermatch/es away from the main event.

  • WAF rules
  • Supermatch format: 5 rounds
  • Tournament format: double elimination
  • In tournament format, the first two placers of every weight class can compete in the Open class at the end of the event (there's an Open class for right hand and an Open class for left hand)

Weight categories: 
  • Men right hand: 65, 75, 85, 95 and +95 kg
  • Men left hand : 75, 90 and +90 kg
  • Women right hand : 60 kg and +60 kg
  • Women left hand: Open class without weight limits

Contact:  info@bracciodiferroitalia.it

Website: www.bracciodiferroitalia.it

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