20 Mar 2013

Is PAL DISCUSSION GROUP WITH JOHN & ENGIN...this same how it used to be ?

I remember when I posted in 2011 a news titled: "Brzenk & Terzi's group on the facebook - Join to discussion !!!"

With the info:

"Good news for John Brzenk and Engin Terzi's fans. Now on facebook together with the LEGENDS your can express your opinion on the raised topics. Join to the Brzenk & Terzi's group here ...

Engin Terzi: "Last night I asked John to start a facebook group together to promote armwrestling and he accepted. He said he can not spend so much time but will write when he has time. Remember that this is a discussion group, not "Ask the Champion" type of advice sharing page "

Since then the number of members increased to over 1200 members which is great. More people has chance to get the information or answer for the question directly from the Legends of this sport with over 25 years expirience and HUGE knowledge. 

I realy enjoyed reading the conversations in this group, but I noticed that from some time not every topic is welcome over there. When somebody starts discusion about the changes of the rules this sport needs to develope or steroids then topic is ingnored or very quick changed to f.e. Michael Todd or "Crazzy George" style of fight... how is bad and unfair it is and all the slop are poured on them... 

Also some people who are the members of this group using it as a ground of advertising which has nothing to do with discussion, bassicly it looks like .... HEY... CLICK ON THIS LINK HERE, GOOD NEWS ON MY SITE... dose not matter that this same info somebody posted already before as a link to the video etc. 

IMO the group discussion is not this same how it used to be... the quality slowly turn into quantity... PITY.