3 Mar 2013

Drenk's "New Babies" in the garage

Robert Drenk has posted on facebook a picures of his "New Baby", a black brand new Tesla Model S. The car was ordered several months ago and finaly received a few days ago. "I ordered it about 7 months ago and I just received it, then I took it to HB Tint Pro's for the window tint, shoreline motors had the wheels custom made and Rhino Detail blacked the chrome all out. We now have a One of a Kind Tesla Model S! Pure Electric 300 Mile range 0-60 in 3.9 second sedan" - said Drank. The black Tesla isn't the only one he has in the garage, he also bought a White one for his fiance Stacy. 

The question is: What with his Ferrari now ?

info: VISNIA