4 Mar 2013

Devon Larratt: "In my opinion there needs to be a further shake up of the rules..."


On NEAMB in post "The dirty HALF DOZEN" began by Rob Vigeant Jr in one of the comments Devon Larratt has expressed his opinion about the armwrestling rules changes which this sport needs.

"I think looking to WAF as the leading organization is questionable and in my opinion incorrect. Mike has been injured for a loooonnng time.. this is nothing new. In my opinion there needs to be a further shake up of the rules - even under the ARMWARS rule system (which I believe is the best set of rules we have currently) there should be a few mods to further this sport in my opinion.. Elbow foul - your pad your foul. black and white. Break arm position- get rid of both of them (at pro level.. not amateur). Lastly - here is a big one... switch to Arm sumo table - no pads, no pin line (knuckles touch or hold off the table for 3 count). Anyways.. just proposals, but under what i believe is currently the KING format - one on one - 6 rounds - running fouls - minute break - etc.. Mike Todd is the guy to beat, like it or not.. you gotta respect the winner.

Reason I like 6 is cause after the win you can show by how much you have won.. for me that is something I always like to see. also for betting 6 is cool cause win loose tie.

I like dropping to an armbar.. it's a great move. Kinda been proven to get a win, wish I could do it. its not unbeatable, but it is a great move in the right hands. I also think that pushing off the pad is a nice trump to throw in against an unbalanced puller (example guy dropping into an armbar) these 2 rules are gonna play out more interesting than ever i think in the match comin up with jerry and mike. 

Opinions are just that. I base my opinion of Armwars being the future of armwrestling cause i fkn love this sport. I watch it all the time. what am I looking for? matches between one guy and another. In the WAF 110kg finals with Genadi and Wagner that was an awesome match. I would love to watch it over 6 rounds. I just know what i want to see. 2 evenly matched armwrestlers going at it (the higher the skill the better) I don't want them to be injured, or have excuses or be not fresh, etc etc. This is what i want to see, and I think I am not so different form most people. So really, my argument is just based on what I think I would watch more often. There is the future." - said Larratt.

Devon is not the only one who see the problem... the problem of the rules using by leading organization, the World Armwrestling Federation which work for development of this sport this same like jammed brake in the car, not allowing him to develop a speed. There are many people in the armwrestling environment who have similar impresion and want the changes.

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