6 Mar 2013

Bob Browm - There is no limits... if you only BELIEVE !!!

Bob Brown from Riverton, Utah, USA is known very well in armwrestling world, being in this sport over 30 years he defeated many famous pullers, won many tournaments, he became 4 times World Champion (1993 WPAA World Title, 1993 SCAWA World Title, 2006 and 2012 WAF Master World Title).

In 2004 hapend something what chaned his life forever. On June 27th, he had a motorbike incydent, when he wake up after the operation noticed that his right leg been cut off... One day changed everything... with the help of the loved ones he come back to the sport, to armwrestling winning two WAF World Titles.

Last year he started train Crossfit, which at present he trains 5 day a week, an hour per day spending in the gym. Few days ago he got the running foot, so also you can see him running during the traning. At present he is able to run about 1/4 mile but his target is 1 mile (1,6 km). "I just got this running foot. I have not run in over 8 years. I can only run about 1/4 mile right now. Trying to get to 1 mile a day." said Brown.

This man proves there is no limits... if you only BELIEVE !!!

Bob Brown runs during the training

If you are on facebook you can also watch him jumping rope with new Catapult Running Foot from Freedom Innovations. To watch click here...

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