25 Mar 2013

Bill Collins's comment about the rules used during Jerry & Micheal Match


At the UAL III in the main fight of the event Jerry Cadorette lost to Michael Todd 3:0. After the match in the internet had appeared opinions criticizing Michael 's fight style.

Bill Collins, a UAL co-founder who was a referee during this supermatch has expressed his opinion after the match, posting a comment on Northeast Board:

"It's ok to scrutinize the match...before the event the Ultimate Match Pullers (UMP) knew the interpretation of rules as it's not black and white, so unless you were there during that time, you wouldn't understand...otherwise the match’s would of ended in fouls and none of the UMP had an issue!!

A small Example: Below the table? does that mean the top or the bottom as there is about 3" difference, I’m not going to get into he said she said.

Sorry but these rules were not to please the pullers that were looking on, but for the "broadcasting companies" who loved the show...hence with no miss-understanding with the UMP... 

Make it entertaining and this sport will get somewhere, make it to please the pullers, you know the rest of the story...

Working with some of the best producers in this country will create some changes and maybe some design change and some things loser and some things tighter...The event was a serious stepping stone, more info to come....".

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