7 Mar 2013

Berriochoa vs Lockert & Hale vs Risoen on Eurosport 2 this Thursday

Message from Neil Pickup on facebook: "This Thursday’s “ARM WARS” Show on Eurosport 2, features the first Round matches from the Middleweight “BATTLEGROUND” ! filmed at the ARM WARS “HIGH STAKES” : LUPKES Vs. TODD Card, at the Mr. Olympia Expo, in Las Vegas, USA. In the opener Simon “THE BOA” Berriochoa the Multiple U.S. National & Masters World Champion returns to the Super Series to face Top U.S. Contender Lenny “PARTY” Lockert. Then in the Main Event, “THE HALERAISER” Geoff Hale, ARM WARS Lightweight Champion of The World, tries to step up to the Middleweight Division & goes Head to Head with Ronny “THE HAWK” Risoen ! the Middleweight Champion of Norway.……DON’T MISS IT GUYS !!!"

info: VISNIA