29 Mar 2013

$1,000 for the winner in 4-way supermatch at Minnesota State Armwrestling Championships

Information posted by Josh Handeland on Minnesota State Armwrestling Championships facebook page:

"I am pleased to announce the supermatches that will take place at the 2013 MN State Armwrestling Championships in Henderson, MN. Here they are:

Right Handed 4-way supermatch, 220 lbs. weight cap

Chris Josten vs. Jordan Sill - 2 out of 3
Steven Green vs. Danny Long - 2 out of 3

Winners pull 2 out of 3 for first place and for all the $ ($1,000) (each participant is putting up $).

Jordan Sill is a beast but Josten lost to him at Unified's last year and is fired up, doesn't want to lose to him again! I could be wrong but I feel like not a lot of people know who Danny Long is? He is a strong puller out of Nebraska, he beat Green once at Nebraska States last year, it was on fouls but he was in the match. That was at 242 and Green has to cut more to make 220 than Long does. Should be interesting! I want to thank all the supermatch athletes for committing and let the best man win!"

The event wiil be held on June 29th, 2013 in Henderson MN, USA. 

For more details please visit Minnesota State Armwrestling Championships facebook page.

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