19 Feb 2013

WAF's drift cont'd.

Two days ago I had chat on face book with Marcin Mielniczuk. I asked him how at the present looks situation with the activists's access to the WAF's official website. He said that new WAF president Assen Hadjitodorov has NO ACCESS to the website and can not get it from the former president Fred Roy.

Can somebody explain me please... is that normal... head of the federation has no possibility to control so simple thing as the federation's website ?

Yesterday I took this shots of the fishing boat and in my opinion the WAF looks this same like the boat but the thing is that boat is in better situation then WAF is at the moment, becouse boat is on the land so do not need be driven, BUT WAF needs...

The officlal WAF's website represents our sport and when you visit and look at it, then you clearly see where we are. Simply website has now informations, even so basics info like results are not completed. SHAMEEEE

Marcin told me that when Presiden will get access to the domain, then very soon a new website will be created. The problem is that the person who has access/own this domain wants $ 50, 000... YES Fifty Thousand American dollars.... WHAT A JOKE...


I love this sport and this state of affairs makes me SICK. Situation like this clearly shows the intentions and action plan of some people who think they own WAF. 

At the end of the conversation we talked about the results, Marcin said that they do not have all of them, I said: Eric and I have most of them, some results already been publised on Armwrestling History Channel and WAF can use them. 

How I said before I love the history of this sport and my other question to Marcin was: What about not numbered Worlds's events before 1979 (1971-1978) and the split time? Marcin said: from what I know this won't be a problem. This is a history of our sport and all results should be added with the explanation why.

I hope dear activists that this drift & ping pong game time will be over soon because too much time been wasted for the fight between each other. 

If you are not interested of armwrestling's development and his federation, then please leave it and let others do it. The time to sweep the things under the carpet is over, public is not blind.

Tomasz Wisniowski / VISNIA