22 Feb 2013

WAF WAR Website Contd.

This is sick what is going with the WAF's official website right now... this sicknees must be stopped. How long we will be watching this kid behaviour ?... Maybe during the years the activists get use to lead WAF in that way but is time to stop it. 


Yesterday on official WAF's website Mr. Alain Blanchard posted his explenation info to all this situation (I copied all info and posted below)... this only shows the pathology in this case... official body has now access to the official website of the sport he represents but person who updated the website use it to defend himself... 

I heard a lot of good opinions about Mr. Alain Blanchard and it looks like his name is entangled in the entire matter because he created the website and linked it to the domain which he got from the owner with the agreement between them two. Whatever the agreement was between Alain and the predecessor, it should have never been made. 


How Christian Binnie said on fb: " WAF officials should then go to the "original owner" (?), hmmmm, who ever that is. And ask to "rent" it from them? Or "rent" it from the marketing director. (?). How about WAF just stays away from this mess, and start a new WAF site..."

IMO should be a new website with the new domain adress and if this scenario comes into force, I hope Mr. Blanchard takes down his site, otherwise it will create confusion. The adress f.e. www.waf-worldarmwrestlingfederation.com could be even better... because could represented both federations (during the split) in the sections like results or history.

Finally when this issue will be over, then one of the thing WAF's activists have to do should be a regulation what happens with the access to the website after the new election, when new leader is chosen. 

Tomasz Wisniowski

Alain Blanchard's comment on WAF's official website:

"To all who want to read this letter. 

My name is Alain Blanchard and I am the former WAF Marketing Director (from 2008 to 2012).  I am writing this letter due to the fact that I have unfortunately been involved in a dispute with the current WAF President Mr. Assen Hadjitodorov and his associate Igor Mazurenko (who to my knowledge has nothing to do in the WAF executive board) with regards of the WAF website.

The only reason I am writing this letter is to inform everyone of the actual facts of the matter.  This will be my ONLY letter posted and I apologize for using the website to share this information but I have no other way to communicate with all of you.  I have tried keeping this matter off the public stage as not to damage the sport of armwrestling but as all my letters get posted anyway, I see this is not a problem for the current President.

For those of you who do not know me, I was appointed by the executive in 2008 as the WAF Marketing Director.  My main task was to set up the now infamous WAF website.  There was NO website owned by WAF at the time therefore I needed to source one.  The best options were all registered but I was able to get www.worldarmwrestlingfederation.com from a friend who had bought the domain a long time ago.  There were conditions attached to this person “gifting” me the domain name.  The terms of those conditions will not be released as I was asked to keep them confidential.

Now, I will try to explain the situation with the WAF website.  Again, the only reason I am telling all of you this is to put the facts out there and not to defend myself.  Those of you who know me, know that the accusations brought against me are simply ridiculous.  There will be some that do not care about the circumstances behind this and still think that I am maliciously trying to extort money from WAF.  That is your right and I really don’t care.

When Mr. Hadjitodorov won the elections ummm… “democratically”, he came to me and asked me to hand over all pertinent WAF information.  Examples are logo’s used in promotional manners and the website.  I promptly sent him an email with the attachments he requested and informed him that the website domain name was not the property of WAF but my own.  I also stated that I would not be willing to sell the domain name to him or WAF due to the circumstances of my promise to the person who gifted me the site.  I followed by saying that I recognized the importance of the site to WAF and I would allow WAF to continue using it as long as it was kept under my ownership.  I would only ask for a monthly or yearly “rental fee” to cover the website operational costs.  Nine days later I had still not received a response from Mr. Hadjitodorov and sent another email to confirm he had gotten my first email at which point I did submit an offer for him to consider.  I do admit, I asked for a monthly rental fee.  A fee that I had researched on the internet and spoken to a few different sources that confirmed to me would be adequate compensation for the site, but still I received no response.

In regards to the sum of $50,000.  Yes I did ask for that sum of money for the sale of the website.  I agree it is a very large amount of money and that it shows me as someone who wants to profit from the sale of the domain name.  I only asked for that ridiculous amount of money because I knew that WAF did not have the funds to pay for it and would hopefully put to rest the demand to have the rights to the domain turned over.  Looking back at the events, I regret asking for that sum as it has been used as paint a picture that is false and untrue.  For that I apologize to everyone.

From the beginning, I have offered Mr. Hadjitodorov the opportunity to continue utilizing the site while keeping myself as the owner of the domain.  There have been no attempts to contact me to negotiate or arrange the transfer of the information from myself to WAF’s new offices.  To make it clear once again, the website would be under WAF’s complete control, the President could make the changes he sees fit to the site without my interference for the same price as it would cost him to have the site under the WAF name.  It would even save some money as the fees associated with the transfer would not need to be paid.  I really do not see why Mr. Hadjitodorov is resisting and has ignored this simple option.

There have also been accusations made by someone named PeSzy and spread by Igor Mazurenko about my involvement with the WAF website.  I will address those concerns now.

It was said that I originally registered the domain. That is not a fact as I explained above.

It was also written that no one was aware that I was the Marketing Director for WAF and it was also asked I was paid to do the job.  The answer is no I was not paid to do the job it was on a volunteer basis.  Igor obviously was aware as I did contact Mr. Mazurenko as the Marketing Director asking if he wanted to advertise his armwrestling tables on the WAF website and my position was not questioned then as WAF collected money from his organization to advertise on the website.

Next was the fact that the 4th Day Results for the World Championship in Brazil were still not posted.  They have been posted since September 25th 2012.  Please find the picture below to help you find it under “results” tab on the site.  It will be next to “Day 3” result

The last point that was asked was. Why did I post a letter for Mr. Deneumostier? That one is simple.  He still is part of the WAF executive as the General Secretary and he had asked me to post that letter for him.  That is the reason.

In conclusion, I hope this message has informed all of you about the real situation that is currently flooding the “so called” impartial media these days.  I hope all this can be resolved soon as I really do not have the time or really the intention of pursuing the matter further.  As I said in my opening statement, this is my one and ONLY response to these accusations.  Any further articles or postings made on this subject will be ignored. 

Thank you for taking the time to read what turned into a long message.
Best Regards,