1 Feb 2013

Speed ​​Twin 2013 / RESULTS

photo: bracciodiferroitalia.it

On January 26th, 2013 in Carbonara di PO (MN), Italy took place tournamen named Speed ​​Twin 2013 run by SBFI (Italian Armfrestling Federation). During the event were also held two supermatches. One in Banamweight division (62kg) where Franco Manco Castrese faced Maurizio Novelli and in the second match in Heavyweight division (110 kg) Manuel Battaglia has challenged Davide Cappa (both matches right arm). The Supermatches were organized by SIL (Supermatch Italian League), founded by Fabrizio Castellani and Fabrizio Gambirasio.

Supermatch results:

Franco Manco Castrese / ITA  vs  Maurizio Novelli / ITA  3:2 (BW / 62kg) R
Manuel Battaglia / ITA  vs  Davide Cappa / ITA  0:3 (HW / 110kg) R

More information from this event you will find here...

info: Fabrizio "Bicio" Castellani