18 Feb 2013

Simonova, Gladkaya, Karaev, Cyplenkov & Voevoda in Sergey Badyuk’s “All Inclusive”

Three parts of videos from the program “All Inclusive” with the famous Russian actor, athlete and master Sergey Badyuk. Sergei guests were... honored master of sports in armwrestling, 10 times WAF World Champion Irina Gladkaya and champion of Moscow Yuliya Simonova. Guests cheerfully and defiantly spoke in the gym, while not forgetting to give competent and useful advices.

In second part is interview with 7 times WAF World Champion, Multiple Europe Champion, No 1 Russian Heavyweight Alan Karaev. Alan says that he really likes that so many yong boys coming for training. The two meters tall Karaev says" I'm not this same like others if somebody see me first time alway is impresed about my size". Also he said that during his armwrestling career  he always won the matches very easy. Below the videos is a print screan of Alan Karaev and Arsen Liliev's hand. As a curiosity I add that in one of intervew legendary Cleve Dean, the biggest hand in armwrestling said, that Alan's hand was almost as big as his.

Also in the 2nd video is small intervew with the biggest biceps in Russian armwrestling (60cm), Denis Cyplenkov who shows how he trains. Denis plans to take part in Russian Nationals in March and later on in A1 Russian OPEN.

In the third video you can see World, Europe and Russian Champion Diana Ablegova. Diana who daily works in Medical University in Moscow after work she change her white apron to tracksuits and goes to the gym to train armwrestling, Diana did not lose at Russian Nationals last 10 years and in March she goes to win her 11th National Title in a row.

Secound master of armwrestling in the 3th video is Alexey Voevoda who at that moment trains and represents Russian National Team in bobsleigh, he say's that after Olimpics in Sochi he comes back to armwrestling. Alexey said that he never forgot about armwrestling, and he's not in a bad shape for armwrestling at the moment.

info: VISNIA

“All Inclusive” on the TV channel Russia 2

Part - 1

Part - 2

Part - 3

Arsen Liliev hand against Alan Karaev's hand