19 Feb 2013

New ARM MELTER iPhone case.

The ARM MELTER founder Joe Gould published on facebook a picure of the ARM MELTER iPhone case. If somebody is interested to order one for the IPhone 5 with the logo of the Canadian league then contact Joe on the facebook. There will be also possibility to buy it at this year's Mike Gould Classic."I might have a couple for sale at the MGC if you're there. I'll see if I can get them for the iPhone 5" said Gould.

At the momemt he has only one exemple but he plans to order more from the business that he buy a trophies. Gould said: "I only have one, but will be getting more. The business that I buy trophies and shirts from made it.".

Good idea Joe, I can bet that others event's organizers soon will copy it.

info: VISNIA