16 Feb 2013

John Brzenk in March in Australia

Australian Armwrestling Federation holding their Championships at FitX Sports and Fitness Expo in Melbourne, Australia on Martch 8-10th. During the event, in one of three days in Melbourne Exhibition Center armwrestling fans also will be watch in action the living legend of this sport, John Brzenk who is holding a challenge for anyone to try to beat him - if you do you win a $1000 CASH! 

For John it will be a ten days trip in Austraila and mostly in plans are meetings and teaching the australian armwrestlers and helping with promotion of this sport and of course the $1000 challenge.

John Brzenk: I'm doing a Expo, then three clinics in Melbourne and then one in Sydney. I am heading to Australia on the 6th of March and will leave on the 16th ... Most of my trip and training sessions will be in Melbourne ... on the 15th I'll be in Sydney. 

I'm looking forward to meeting and teaching what I know about the sport !"

info: VISNIA