4 Feb 2013

Italy has a supermatch league

Supermatch Italian League (S.I.L.) is an idea born at the end of the 2011 from an idea of Fabrizio Gambirasio and myself, Fabrizio Castellani.
 We have noted that the “supermatch” mode gives a better show than the classic double elimination tournaments so we decide to insert some supermatch during the minor tournament to bring to the public a different way to live the show of armwrestling.
 We think the people and the athletes should know all the different modes our sport is played, doing that we give the opportunity to gain a better place in the Italian Ranking that is kept by Fabio Nimis.
The executive of the S.B.F.I. (Italian Fed.) works with us to make the better show as possible because our supermatches has a direct effect on our national Ranikng.
To be choosen normally you need to be ranked in the Italian Ranking or at least you need to be recognized as an expert, skilled and a worthy puller. 

By the way the athletes can auto-candidate writing a mail to us… If they are eligible we’ll find, with the right time, a competitor to combine a nice show.
 The supermatches are based on format: “Best of 5”, ONE vs ONE and both fresh, so there is always a winner and in case of early win (ex. 3:0) the looser can decide to stop the supermatch or go ahead until the 5th match.

Why we have thought to this kind of “circuit of challenges”?? 
It’s quite simple… in Italy we don’t have e long history in this sport as eastern Europe has… so there are not so many new pullers at every tournament due to some kind of fear of being blasted from the senior pullers… Many people loves our sport but few people compete if in his weight class there are the strongest guys of the country, so the idea is…. if the strongest are involved in the supermatch, then many new comers will join without fear… at the same time the people can see the highest level in our Supermatch.
There is also another “plus”… the novice and the young pullers can take as example from the elite pullers that competing in our supermatches is always improvement of strength and skills to be ready and dreaming their future supermatches.

The S.I.L seems to work cause many contacts us more and more, part of this success is due to the support of the S.B.F.I. President Claudio Rizza and the executive that is in constant contact with us.

S.B.F.I. on February 23 will held the 8th edition of the Supermatch, a great international  tournament where at the end there will be two International Supermatches organized from our national fed.:
Terence Opperman VS Frank Lamparelli
Silvan Bieli VS Davide Cappa.

For more info visit www.bracciodiferroitalia.it

Fabrizio Castellani