5 Feb 2013

Igor Mazurenko in radio TOK FM.PL

LOS POLANDOS - NON POLISH POINT OF VIEW is the program in radio TOK FM.PL run by Paweł Sulik. Exotic dimension of our country through the eyes of foreigners living in Poland. With the fresh look "outside" ethnic minorities and immigrants show Poles their lives in completely different colors. We'll be surprised by their own customs and beliefs, but also probably sometimes find ways to connect with a completely exotic culture.

Last Saturday the guest in Pawel Sulik's program was the founder and president of Polish Armwrestling Federation (FAP) Igor Mazurenko.

The talk started why this sport, why Poland and also why it is called armwrestling. After Igor's explenation why english name is using in Poland, he started tell how all this began in his live. During that conversation (lasted over 44 mins) Igor told how he left his family home in Ukraine at age of 16, and moved to Moskow in Russia, he told also about the situation over there (that was late 80's, the perestroika time), then how he met Grigory Bondaruk from Ukraine. He said when he came to Grigory for training first time (the trening session was around 2 hours ) he could not slipy in the night and had to go to pharmacy shop to by some pain-killer tablets and he was taking them every 2 hours becous tha pain was so bad.  

Also the conversation was about Polish-Ukrainian history. I like history and listening this program in radio I was impressed how well he knows the history.

At the end Igor been asked about explanation of his arresting on November last year. He said: that this what scared him most in this case, was not the accusing by somebody or his arresting, but this what was written about him in press and on the websites. He says that from all these allegations against him left three. The case will start in the court in February this year and he said that he will prove that all these accusations are not truth and he is not guilty. 

Listen all program in radio TOK FM.PL with Igor Mazurenko here... (polish)

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