26 Feb 2013

Gould vs Perron at Toronto Pro Supershow / Arm Melter 17

The Arm Melter just announced that on June 1st, 2013, at Toronto Pro Supershow, in Canada at Arm Melter 17, Mikel Gould will face Sylvain Perron. Both Canadians will be puling for National Ranking, currently Mike is #2 right handed, and #3 left handed. The match has the status of the MAIN EVENT.

Joe Gould, the Arm Melter founder said AO that no weight restriction in this match up.of two former WAF World Champions who will be pull best 3 out of 5, right and left handed, in the Arm Melter format. Along with their matches, we will see 12 other supermatches for the Canadian Professional Championships, (including Joe Gould vs John Milne for the Super-Heavyweight (221+ lbs) right hand belt). This will be a two day event and will have the supermatches on Saturday as well as the Arm Melter 17 event, which is qualifier for the Canadian Professional Championships. Also, on Sunday there will be novice and youth classes.

More details on this event will be available soon on www.armmelter.com

info: VISNIA