28 Feb 2013

Fittest Armwrestler on Earth..ARM TV CONTEST

Are you in?

Using the CrossFit Games Open Standards... you must enter the open, compete all five workouts... highest scored armwrestler at the end of the Open wins 3 months to a CrossFit Box near you plus a Level One Training Seminar Entry: Total Prize package value approx 1450 bucks!!!

You must be a member of ARM TV during the length of the Open in order to collect the winning prize if you are the Fittest!!

Post your CrossFit athlete Profile here or email me, just over 7 days till first WOD released... ( email armwrestlingtv@yahoo.com).

Here is my profile... let the games begin!!!

Don't forget...if you can continue on toward the Regionals and finally the Games...there is a much larger purse waiting for you!! Further details and updates will be posted at the following link...

Here is a video that I produced for CrossFit 
about adaptive athletes including Bob Brown...check it!

CrossFit - Nicho is Ready

info: Gary Roberts