25 Feb 2013

Eric Roussin sets a GripTopz WORLD RECORD

Yesterday I have informed you about the event organized by Eric Roussin, the GripTopz, which was an international event held in several locations around the world on the same day with the same equipment. There were six lifts in the GripTopz Championships, The event organized by Eric was held in Ottawa, Canada on Fedruary 23rd. 

Eric as a organizer also took part in the event and won it. According to the www.davidhorne-gripmaster.com  Eric set a world record in the LeverTop, one of the six lifts in the three classes: 105kg, 120kg and +120kg.

During that day was aslo run the 25-item grip medley which was a separate event that Eric held immediately following the GripTopz Championships. This event was only held in Ottawa and also been won by Eric who as a winner completed 23 of 25 feats (watch the video below).


info: VISNIA