24 Feb 2013

Eric Roussin Grip Medley Run - February 23rd 2013 - Ottawa

Here's a video of Rric Roussin's run grip medley.The event named GripTopz was organized by Eric on February 23rd, 2013 in Ottawa, Canada. Competitors had limited time (4 mins) for completing 25 different feats.

Eric as a organizer also took part in the event and won it, but he was not the only Ottawa High Hooker who took the part in GripTop yesterday, also competed Ian Carnegie and Devon Larratt. 

Eric Roussin: "I actually won the Internation GripTopz event as well, so I'm very happy. Devon took part in the grip medley, but after having armwrestled a few hours. His left isn't as strong as his right for grip. He completed 13 feats out of 25. He finished in fourth place, the 5th place was for Ian "The Grippler" Carnegie, he completed 9 of 25 feats.

Devon Larratt: "I had an amazin time at Eric Roussin's place. grip challenge..it was great i got like 8 out of 25 in a 4 minute medley I wasn't last. lol I beat the Grippler!! haha but Ian did lift one 3" handle as he was screaming "like a boss" so he might have beat me there. Eric got 23 out of 25, so he is the king crusher today.. awesome times, great armwrestling practice."

info: VISNIA

From the left: Stefan Antony – 3rd, Eric Roussin – 1st, Marc Turgeon – 2nd