23 Feb 2013

Devon Larratt about Cadorett vs Todd match at UAL III

photo: armpower.net

Devon Larratt has posted today a comment on fb expressing his opinion about upcoming match between Jerry Cadorette and Michael Todd at UAL III:

"I really think this is gonna be an awesome match. Jerry Cadorette is a frickin bull, and Mike is the guy to beat in my opinion. I hear so much total crap about both these guys being untechnical.. it is crap!!! both are awesome... just unorthadox. I have thought alot about how this match will go. I really believe there is a shitty rule in arwrestling that needs to be adressed, and in my opinion this match MAY highlight it.. that rule is the elbow foul rule where an opponent has their elbow "pushed" off the pad and thereby the "pusher" gets the foul. My opinion total crap. your elbow pad, your responsibility to stay on it. Anyways with these guys there is no way this is gonna be anything but epic. that being said.. i am still open for bets, my pick MT".

info: VISNIA