24 Feb 2013

Claudio Rizza about the supermatches at SuperMatch 8

Armwrestling Federation's Prezident and the event founder Claudio Rizza comments the supermatches Opperman vs Lamparelli and Cappa vs Bieli held at this year's SuperMatch 8.

Claudio Rizza "The two Supermatches were really great, with champions like Opperman and Bieli. Congratulations to Opperman not only for his win but also for his sportiveness and courtesy : after the tournament he pulled many and many matches with everybody who wanted to try with the champion on the practice table, and he answered  to all athletes’s questions, he is a real gentleman. It has been a real pleasure to host such champions like Opperman and Bieli at our tournament!"

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Big thanks to Givanni Nimis for help.

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