13 Feb 2013

Boise Idaho Super Matches

On March 2nd, 2013 in The Drink Bar and Waterfront Grill in Boise, ID, USA will be organized the tournament with four supermatches away from the main event. All supermatches on right hand, Best 3 of 5, with the money involved.

Boise Idaho Super Matches fight card

Mo Lewis / USA  vs  Jimmy White / USA   ($100)
Chris Mcentire / USA  vs  John Buxton / USA   ($100)
Justin Green / USA  vs  Jody Williams / USA   ($100)
Jordan Sill / USA  vs  Matt Clark / USA   ($400)

For more info contact: 
SHAWN MCENTIRE: smac94@gmail.com, 208-908-2176
STAN MCENTIRE: monstermac31@yahoo.com
CHRIS MCENTIRE: macky64@yahoo.com

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