16 Feb 2013

Armwrestling seminary with Khadzimurat Zoloev

photo: IronWorld

On February 2nd, 2013 at the Congress Hotel in Rostov-on-Don, Russia took place armwrestling seminary with Khadzimurat Zoloev, Ilya Ishmae and Marat Albertovich who together have tried to bring their experience, their achievements, their experiences related to armwrestling, vision for further development. Emotions, information, finally, a desire for constructive dialogue with the athletes and trainers. The event was organized by RROO "Armwrestling Federation".

A master of armwrestling, the best athlete of 2012 in Russia, Khadzimurat Zoloev was talking about his vast experience performances in competitions at various levels and equally impressive experience training, with the detail he was telling how to train beginners and experienced athletes, he showed his training equipment and answered numerous questions from the guests!

more informations from this event you will find on IronWorld.re.

info: VISNIA