27 Jan 2013


Comment under the video on you tube: "The UAL has done so many great things for so many armwrestlers...The UAL is the best league in Armwrestling and if you havent been to a UAL event, you have NO idea what you are missing...Robert Drenk And Bill Collins are a great team and will change the way the public looks at armwrestling.The UAL has an entire staff that is top notch in every way....thank you to The UAL."

California is a cradle of the organized armwrestling. Over 50 years over there was run one of the greatest tournament event in armwrestling history, the WWC in Petaluma. At the last Petaluma's event in 2002 competed the local puller Eric Woelfel, this same who together with others tells in this video: what UAL gave and what means for them. Eric who is so many years in this sport knows exactly what it means to lose a great event.

UAL .... California and USA pullers are missing you !!!

info: VISNIA