23 Jan 2013

Khadzimurat Zoloev The Best Armwrestlers in Russia in 2012

Iron World, the biggest and the most popular sport magazin in Russia together with popular russian tv show Iron Ratingis organized plebiscite for the best Russian sportsman of 2012. Fans could vote on both websites (IW & IR) in four categories: Armwrestling, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and MMA. At the end all votes were sumed up and the results were announced

In armwrestling the highest number of votes from fans got Khadzimurat Zoloev and he won the title of The Best Armwrestlers in Russia in 2012, Dzambolat Tsoriev became second, the third place was for Arsen Liliev and at the fourth was Denis Cyplenkov.
Congratulation Khadzi !!!

Big thanks to Vasilit Kuznetsov for help with this inforamtion.
info: VISNIA