23 Jan 2013

Engin Terzi will do the WORLD SUPERMATCH RANKING

AO would like to inform you that Engin Terzi will do the WORLD SUPERMATCH RANKING, which only will be included the supermatch results from the last 3 years. At the beggining he will start to rank pullers in Men's OPEN class (TOP 10), left  & right hand..

In the future the ranking will be run in all classes listed below:

Banamweight, 143 lbs / 65kg
Lightweight, 154 lbs / 70kg
Welterweight, 165 lbs / 75kg
Middlewieight, 187 lbs / 85kg
Light-Heavyweight, 220 lbs / 100kg
Heavyweight, 234 lbs / 110kg
Super-Heavyweight, +234 lbs / +110kg

Lightweight, 12lbs / 55kg
Welterweight, 132 lbs / 60kg
Middlewieight, 154 lbs / 70kg
Heavyweight, +154 lbs / +70kg

If you want to see Engin and Fabio Nimis's World Armwrestling Ranking which includes the supermatch and tournament format please visit World of Armwrestling.com.

info: VISNIA