30 Jan 2013

Christian Binnie: "I look forward to getting on the table again since 2009"

photo: coffmansportsmanagement.com

At  DEEP SOUTH PULLING WARS 5 on February 9th, 2013 in Clearwater, FL, USA in the main fight of the event will take palce a Supermatch in Heavyweight Division (Left arm) betwen Christian Binnie vs Wilton Brock. 

For Christian Binnie, one of the best Superheavy (left arm) in USA it will be the first fight since 2009 after his injuries. AO asked him about his present shape, what he can tell about his opponent  and dose he has any startegy for this returning match againd Brock ?

Christian Binnie: "I feel great, gym training Is perfect, and table time (practice) is getting better each week. So far, all my injuries are ok. I know Wilton is fast AND strong. Yes I have a strategy, His set up will dictate on how I will pull him. Oh and WIN!

I look forward to getting on the table again since 2009. And hope to compete more this year."

info: VISNIA