29 Jan 2013

Arsen Liliev's fb account... is fake ?

Terence Opperman has posted this message on facebook group discussion Armwrestling - John & Engin:

"I checked out Arsen Liliev's facebook account today. I believe it is fake, in Brazil Arsen told me when I asked he will not get facebook. So in the profile of arsen lilliev on facebook I found the email is registered from italy aliliev@virgilio.it . When I asked on his wall why he used an email from Italy he deleted my post and hide his email address . So how do you stop this person making this fake account ???".

I'm also fan of Arsen and I'm friend with him on fb too. Once when he turn on chat I asked him a question and he turn it off. I checked his account (photos) and there were a photos of Italian pullers. That was strange for me that he posted them because he was not on this photographs and also the event was not related with him.

This should be confirmed by people like Igor or Vasiliy, who have contact with Arsen if this is a real or fake fb account. If it's fake then should be closed.

Arsen Liliev's fb account...

info: VISNIA